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We provide driving lessons to students of all ability; from complete beginners with no experience to the more advanced.driving lessons in Worksop

If you are looking for a driving school that puts you first, then we are ready to help you reach your goal of passing your driving test without any fuss.

Based on your location we will cover the main test areas that you  are likely to be using during your practical driving test to make sure that you are fully prepared for your test and that you’ll have a high amount of knowledge on your local roads. Driver developments driving lessons aim to provide quality lessons and a top level service. Run by one of the leading driving instructors in Worksop, John Moore.


B+E trailer training provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to drive a trailer safely on the roads, it also opens up doors for many new and existing career prospects.

Before starting our towing course our driving instructors will inform you about its content and structure and how it will be carried out based on your individual requirements. 

We will teach you the necessary skills and knowledge on how to perform safety checks on your vehicle and trailer to ensure it is safe to drive.

We will also take you through safety measurements and precautions taken while driving with a trailer

There are several reasons why people take trailer training courses i.e for personal or work. Our priority is to ensure all our student are taught all the necessary skills needed to safely and confidently tow a trailer while on the roads.

The Trailer Training test consists of:

Checking both parts your driving licence( photocard and paper counterpart) 
Vehicle and trailer safety questions 
Reversing manoeuvre
Uncoupling and re-coupling of the trailer
On road driving covering all types of roads


Our day (5 hour) trailer handling and awareness courses are designed to increase driver awareness on and off the road, giving you the confidence to tow and handle a large trailer ensuring safety in loading, reversing and the general use of large trailers.  We can cover the following:

Relevant trailer weights

Checking driving licences

Daily trailer checks

Trailer health and safety

Loading the trailer

Hitching and un-hitching

On road driving disciplines

Reversing straight and corners

Stability and snaking problems

Relevant towing law

This course is for designed for those who passed the driving test before 1 January 1997, and DO NOT need an additional B+E entitlement.

All training is with your own vehicle & trailer. A box trailer can be supplied if required.

Driver Developments


The horse trailer training course is ideal for anyone involved in the training, grooming of horses or simply needs to transport them. Our course provides you with the necessary skills to safely drive with a horse trailer in a variety of conditions. 

Our instructors start by taking you through the course content and structure and how it can be adjusted to meet your personal requirements and needs. 

As part of the training we will demonstrate how to perform safety checks on your vehicle to ensure it is road worthy.

We will also train you on how to confidently and safely manoeuvre your vehicle without causing harm or distressing the animal.

Our highly trained instructors will not only ensure that you pass your test, they will ensure by the end of the course you are highly skilled with the ability to confidently drive with a horse trailer and safely carry out all manoeuvre.

When you have passed the test you will receive a B+E license that allows you to legally and safely drive with a horse trailer. 

The horse trailer test consists of:

Checking both parts your driving licence( photocard and paper counterpart)
Five vehicle/trailer safety questions 
Correctly joining and removing the horse trailer to the vehicle 
General road driving
Maintaining a safe speed

Driver Developments Driving Lessons

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